Your Termination Costs

We use quality jacks and racks. Cabling manufacturer varies but is a name brand.

Follow our pricing from the walls jacks to the cabling to the frame and optionally connection of electronics. All jobs have a $150 base fee. All line items include labor

Wall Jacks

ItemDescriptionUnit CostComment
Jack gang plate No outlet box nor conduit path to celling exists. We must cut a hole in drywall and fish cable.$10
JacksCAT5E jack terminated per end, labeled and tested. We see no measurable difference in CAT5 vs CAT6 jacks.$7We certify to 1GB speeds.
Jack plateJack plate 2 , 4 or 6 $3You benefit from higher density jack locations.
Jack for Wifi APJack in your ceiling$5


ItemDescriptionUnit CostComment
Cabling for dual drop Up to 328 feet. Drop ceilings and metal lathe. Dual drop$144From jack to frame
Cat6 Ethernet Tie cableCable that joins two areas such as an existing frame and a new frame$175
Fiber connection to Ethernet convertersQuoted based on your measurementsRequires a conduit or free space path. Penetrations or burial not included.
Cement penetration for cable pathFloor or fire wall$50

Rack and patch panel also known as the frame

ItemDescriptionUnit CostComment
No RackNo rack, using 12 vertical patch panels and equipment hands on wall.$50
Wall Rack8 U 19" wide wall rack mounted$150
Floor Rack7' tall x 19" floor rack mounted$250
Cat6 patch panel - 12 port vertical $65No rack required. For tight spaces.
Cat6 patch panel - 24 port for 19" rack$95
10" vented shelfShelf and mounting to 19" rack or direct to drywall.$65

Electronics Rates

ItemDescriptionUnit CostComment
Internet Access and RouterWe order and install your Internet. If a PC is on site, we will make ONE PC surf the Internet. Remaining computers will auto configure and work.$1We need internet installed to complete our job. This is how we remotely supervise our workers. All jacks are ready to provide Internet access to a new computer.
Advanced Router Setup Setup Web access is included above. Advanced programing of the Verizon or Comcast router for any special needs such remote access to security cameras, on site server, or VPN access for home users$62