Electricians + Cableterm = a Better Cabling Job


Standard Cabling MethodElectrician + Cable Terminators
Obtaining PermitsCabling company fails to obtain permit or attaches to Electrical permit.Electrician obtains common permit. Our finish work is post inspection.
Permit InspectionsCabling company holds up the electrician's permit process. Electrical and cabling are separate inspection processes. Electrician handles a single inspection of electrical and low voltage at same time.
Scheduling TradesBoth GC and cabling company schedule around flooring, plastering, painters, drop ceiling and furniture cubicle people. The electrician is already on the job and has more control over other trades.
LabelingCable installer must label every cable. Labels fall off. Time consuming.Electrician does not need to label any cables. We have a system!
Skill LevelCabling installers must be multi-disciplined. You run cable every day. Our "terminators" are trained to do just do one thing, terminate cable.
Costs/QualityExpensive traditional cabling model. Our cable terminators are paid per TESTED & LABLED jack. We are faster, better, lower cost.