You Cable. We Terminate.

General contractors now have a data cabling sub-contracting method that

  • reports directly to the GC
  • is simple for the electrician
  • simplifies the electrical / low voltage inspection

(1) You run cable to a gang box...


(1) ....and coil unlabeled cables at the frame.

(2) You pass the rough-in inspection on your own on YOUR permit


(3) We terminate / lable the wall jacks...


(4) We terminate frame and test circuits.

(5) You call in the final after unrelated electrical work is done.

We help electricians add data cabling to their existing jobs. Electricians just need to "rough-in" the cable and pass the rough-in electrical low voltage inspection.

We show up to terminate the jack end ON YOUR TIMEFRAME. You pass your final inspection with no interference from us.

Our model allows new building structured communications cabling to be completed at higher quality & lower cost than traditional cabling methods.

Cableterm is a service of Infotel Systems. We have been in business since 1988 and have a solid reputation in RVA.